Wednesday, August 3, 2011

at Home in Melbourne and Hobart theatre

the greatest dog Goio

the greatest kitty, stella and greatest christopher

wonderful varieties of starfish in hobart harbour

lovely painted ceiling with painted busts of composers in old theatre in hobart, tasmania


theatre was very old, perhaps the oldest or one of the oldest in Australia

tasmania devils crest!

the guys at home

Hobart - We took a tour of the Theatre Royal which opened in 1837 and was built among brothels, public housing and factories. It was designed by Peter Degraves who was the founder of Cascade, Australia's oldest brewery which is still in Hobart.

The Theatre has been remodeled, had a fire, and has been saved from demolition on a number of occasions, including  by Sir Laurence Olivier.

It has had an interesting history offering its original patrons entertainment ranging from music to cockfights. Even  today you can see the seedy tavern "Shades"  beneath the auditorium with its own entrance into the theatre pit.  Prostitutes, sailors and general riffraff would enter the pit with tankards of beer and create all sorts of drama of their own, much to the displeasure of the paying patrons.

Many of the  leading figures of Australian theatre, dance as well as other greats have preformed here, including , Laurence Olivier, Noel Coward, Vivien Leigh, Michael Redgrave, Peter Ustinov, Marcel Marceau, Nicole Kidman.

Dubbed by Noel Coward “a dream of a theatre”, the Theatre Royal is Australia’s oldest working theatre.
fun tour was offered by the friends of the Royal theatre

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