Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dublin, Ireland March 30-1 April, 2012

oscar wilde and his friends
St Stephen's Green park

gorgeous displays of flowers in the park

beautiful late 1800's theatre where we saw a lousy play

National Library Reading Room

detail in reading room

Stained glass windows of Da Vinci and Michelangelo in the national library

detail in a room in the library building

lovely georgian doors all over

in most colors, except for green which is considered a bit unlucky, odd for the green Irish!

the obligatory pint of guinness

fabulous collection inside the archelogical museum

gorgeous wrought iron work on balustrade in museum

I did find a green door!

streetlamp with gray skies

a warming peat fire at the home of friends

the happy early Sat morning travelers

entrance floor into national library

Dublin Castle

inside gaiety theatre, so pretty

The crew on the banks of the Liffey

streetlamp in the sunshine!

tulips in bloom in the park

Christ Church in the Palm Sunday sunshine

single ladies area in dublin castle

Inauguration room in dublin castle

the lovely Irish harp symbol of ireland

10-11th century viking/ norman foundations
We flew to Ireland for 3 nights to visit with our displaced Venice to Dublin friends and we were joined by another Venetian Frank (we missed you Liesl). Had a great weekend full of touring the Dublin sights while enjoying the company of friends. We were even able to see the city bathed in sunlight for parts of the day. We had two wonderful meals, got a lesson in peat fires, took in a play (not good!) and enjoyed a pint in a few pubs.  The Irish are very friendly and those Irish senses of humor sure do come out. 

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  1. Cool castle!! Nice bright colors in flowers and doors. Looks like a really good weekend. :)