Monday, April 22, 2013

a spring country weekend April 19th-20th,2013

a piece of paradise on a cloudy, somewhat threatening Saturday

walking through a field of cyclamens as we foraged for wild asparagus

some ominous skies on Saturday

olive trees when the weather cleared a bit

our harvest of wild asparagus

a lone tulip we had planted many years ago, as Elizabeth reminded us

such pretty wild flowers everywhere

lovely lilacs

fruit trees in bloom

bumble bee on the apple tree, nature at work

incredible colors on the blossoms- picture perfect

beautiful day Sunday

the sky was incredibly blue at times

field of periwinkles

they covered a huge part of the hillside

apple tree in bloom
a lovely spring weekend with changing weather. Elizabeth and I foraged for wild asparagus while the guys did the heavy work roto-tilling and planting the garden. It looked great when they finished. Perfect  weekend, even if there if this a very tired weekend laborer this morning.
lots of hard weekend work

perfect planting

perfect pasta sauce


  1. You're the fastest blogger in Rome! Perfect weekend, thanks for providing the vittles!

  2. Jane,

    You have an incredible ability to provide photos that capture the feel of each trip. Whether the feeling I get from looking is the same as yours, I do not know. But the vistas and close ups and mid-range photos from this trip create a sense of a spectacularly lovely, peaceful weekend in a glorious, country spring setting.

    The dark shadow of the cloud in the mid-ground of "a beautiful day Sunday", following the pink buds, is great -- indirectly showing how bright the day is.

    Thanks again for having us along.